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I live in Virginia with my husband, Duke. Well his name is Jonathan but I (along with everyone else) call him Duke. We had our first daughter in 2020 and just had our second daughter in Spring 2022. Rounding out our crazy crew is our golden retriever, Major, and our rescue kitty, Maverick. We live in the suburbs of Richmond and recently moved into a house we built. We love to do home renovation projects so we are so excited to turn our new house into a home through decor and projects. 

I share a lot of our DIY projects, home decor and interior design. I like to call my style modern farmhemian. Modern farmhouse meets boho. The majority of our house is black, white and brown but you will see in some rooms, I like to mix it up and throw in some color. 


In addition to our house adventures, we love to play sports, spend time with family & friends, and go to concerts or sporting events. Although I would definitely consider us homebodies, we do like to travel every now and again. You will definitely see a few travel posts sprinkled in the blog. 

Since I am now a mom of two I also like to share things related to mom life. Whether that be pregnancy advice, newborn must haves or organizational tips you can find it on the blog.

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am and what you'll find here. Whether you like home decor, DIY projects, mom things, or all of the above, my blog will have something for you. Thanks so much for visiting!


All my love, 


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