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Wow! I cannot believe it's been five months since my last blog post. It's so crazy how fast time has gone and how much has happened in the past five months. It's funny because I was looking at my last blog post and realized it was dated October 30th. Well two days later, on November 1st, we found out we were pregnant! So today I wanted to talk a little bit about where I've been and my pregnancy journey so far. There is so much going on in the world right now and while I'm not going to get too much into that - I just want to say that if you're reading this, I pray that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this unknown time.

So let's get into it - where I've been and plans for the blog moving forward. As you can imagine we were over the moon excited when we found out we were pregnant. We had been trying for almost a year and I had taken so many pregnancy tests previously that said negative so I was almost in shock when I saw the positive test that Friday morning. I only decided to take a test because we had two weddings that weekend and I knew I would be drinking. Needless to say I did not drink that weekend and I had never been so happy to fake drink.

Fast forward a few weeks and I started to notice some spotting and my heart sank. Honestly the next couple of weeks were a blur as I waited for our first appointment. I was very distracted and pre-occupied and my heart just wasn't into blogging or doing projects or really just anything. Thankfully our first appointment went well and it turned out the spotting was coming from a small hematoma spot. Baby was looking good and healthy which was a huge relief and I felt like I could finally breathe after weeks of waiting.

The first trimester was filled with hiding my pregnancy and being really tired. While we did decorate for Christmas, we didn't add much to what we did last year because I didn't go out and do as much shopping since I was always so tired. (Definitely can't wait to share our Christmas decor on the blog next year!)

After the new year, we were able to announce the exciting news publicly as I entered into my 2nd trimester. We decided to have a gender reveal party in February with close friends and family. My older cousin threw us the best party where we learned that baby Duke was a GIRL. We were so excited and we are so happy to be welcoming a sweet baby girl in July.

Not long after our gender reveal, the world kind of came to halt. Duke started following the COVID-19 story pretty early on and although we did not know it was going to reach this magnitude, we did think it was going to be pretty bad. I honestly feel like I'll always remember the date Friday, March 13th because so many things happened that day - yes Friday the 13th. On that day, my soccer tournament that was supposed to take place that weekend (I coach girls travel soccer) got cancelled, my work (I work as a recruiter for a local hospital) decided that recruiters would no longer travel onsite to the hospitals and work from home, and it would become the last day I left the house to run an errand.

Needless to say, Duke and I have been taking social distancing and quarantining very seriously. My doctor advised that I self quarantine and only interact with people who live with me or people who have also been self quarantining. And again, I'm not going to go too much into it but aside from doctor's appointments, I have not left the house since 3/13 and Duke only leaves to go to the grocery store for us. Not only do we want to keep baby girl, Duke and me safe, we want to keep others as safe as well.

Luckily, work has been keeping me very busy which I'm extremely thankful for. At night Duke and I watch some of our shows together, play board games and play Mario Kart. On the weekends, we spend time outside, work on the nursery (which I can't wait to share) and go on walks around the neighborhood with Major. I actually took up knitting again (a hobby I used to have in high school) and I've been doing A LOT of online shopping. We've been doing a good job of keeping busy but that leads me to my next point...

Plans for the blog moving forward. One thing I've learned during this down time is how important it is to do things you're passionate about. I have a passion for writing, for blogging and for sharing things. For awhile I felt that it wasn't the right time to be sharing clothing hauls, home projects, and things to buy as I know a lot of people are going through a hard time right now. We too have cancelled trips, put home projects on hold and definitely re-evaluated our budget. But hopefully my blog can be a space of positivity and fun during such a crazy time. It will definitely allow me to feel some sense of normalcy as well. I have several things already planned that I know I want to share including maternity fashion, baby girl's nursery and some DIY projects. We also plan to re-do our deck hopefully within the next month or two. Lots of fun and exciting things coming and I feel so happy to be back to writing and sharing things with you!

Until next time, here are some pictures from the past five months.

Thanksgiving '19 it was so hard hiding my pregnancy from all of my family

Baby Girl has already attended several weddings. Lots of fake drinking had to take place.

More wedding fun

Final wedding of the year. Last time fake drinking and trying to hide my bump!

our pregnancy announcement. we announced it on New Years Day

16 week bump

20 week bump

the best day finding out Baby Duke is a girl!

we had to cancel our baby moon but we still made the most of it at home

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