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Duke home tour: fall 2020

It's finally my most favorite time of the year - FALL. I've always loved fall but this year I'm especially ready for it. There's just something about the start of a new season that gives me hope and a fresh perspective. I'm also so ready for some cooler days, flannels and sweatshirts, and Halloween and Thanksgiving - all the fall things.

While I usually do the same decor year after year, this time I decided to switch it up and add some new, fun things to our house. 2020 has been a doozy so I decided to treat myself to some new decor. Plus with everything going on in the world, it was so fun to plan out what I wanted to do, do some online shopping and just kind of get lost in something I really love - home decor.

I was reading my fall post from last year, and I specifically say "your style will evolve and grow" and maybe I was talking to my future self because my style has definitely evolved over the past year. I also talk about how I love a neutral color palette which is funny because I had lots of green and blue in my decor last year. Again maybe I was talking to my future self because this year's decor in our main living room is actually neutral - white, beige, tan and natural wood is my color palette this year. I do add a few Halloween items for the month of October but this is what I'll keep up until the Christmas decor makes its appearance.

Another thing I mentioned in my blog last year was to take pictures of your home so that when you go to stores you know where you need decorations/have a specific idea of things you need to look for. This is still so true and even though I did online shopping this year, I still walked around my house and made a list of things I wanted/needed. If I didn't do this, I would spend days online sifting through all the fall decor that's available out there. It can get pretty overwhelming.

This year I did my shopping at Amazon, Target, Kirkland's, Joann and Michael's. I hope you enjoy the Duke home tour - fall edition. I tried to link as many things as I could or link something similar. I'm always happy to help answer any questions. I hope this inspires you to bring a little fall into your home - happy decorating!

All my love,


Our main living area:

-Garland on mantle

-Leaf stems

-Brown pumpkin

-Corn husk pumpkins on mantle

-Raffia pumpkin in basket

-Basket on hearth


-I couldn't find the vase on our hearth, but this is very similar

-Heather bush

-Shelf blanket ladder and fall sign

-Wooden beads on ladder

-Leather pillows

-I made the Autumn sign


-Macrame table runner

-I couldn't find our exact centerpiece but it's from Kirkland's and they have a great selection like this one

-Additional pumpkins

-Napkin rings




-Blue, white, green pumpkins

-Tiered shelf (a great staple piece to keep out all year)

-Galvanized metal house lantern

-Hello Fall sign


-I couldn't find our harvest banner but this Fall banner is similar

-Galvanized metal vase

-Navy Queen Anne's Lace stem

-Eucalyptus stem

-I made the Hello Fall sign


-Front door wreath

-Reed wreath

-Second reed wreath

-Eucalyptus wreath on closet door

-White pumpkins

**Some links may be affiliate links in which I earn commission

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