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Duke home tour: it's fall y'all

Happy September! Who else is ready for Fall?!

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons - football, apple cider, cooler weather, Halloween, bonfires, and my favorite...the DECOR! I know most people are still in Summer mode, but now is a perfect time to stock up on your Fall decor.

While decorating your home can sometimes be intimidating, it's a fun way to showcase your style and make your house feel homey. When you go into stores, the amount of options can seem overwhelming and you don't know where to start. Here are some of my tips when it comes to decorating your home for a particular season:

-Come up with a style. Before you enter any store, make sure you've decided on the style that you want to implement (neutral, farmhouse, traditional, bold colors, etc.). Look at Pinterest to get some inspiration. I find that if I have a set style I'm a lot less likely to buy unnecessary decor. Your style will definitely evolve and grow but try to pick a base that you can build off of year after year. My base is neutral colors. So for me, when I go into a store I'm immediately drawn to cream, grey and light blue decor. It helps narrow down the overwhelming selection that stores have to offer.

-Keep it neutral. By this, I don't necessarily mean neutral colors. I love a neutral color palette but for this tip, I mean neutral to the season. Let me explain. I used to go all out with Halloween decorations. I'm talking skulls, witches, orange and black everywhere. (and if that's your style, go for it!) But I found myself only able to decorate for the month of October. So I decided to switch to a more neutral theme - mainly pumpkins. This way, I can decorate in September and leave it up all Fall since it's not such a specific theme. I've found that it really benefits my wallet as I'm not trying to decorate from month to month. I do the same with Christmas which I'll talk about closer to winter, but I switched from red and green Christmas-themed decor to neutral silver and white snow-themed decor so I can leave my house decorated all winter.

-Take pictures. Take pictures of your house before you go to the store. Decide what places in your home you want to add decor to. I always refer to pictures of our house while I'm shopping in the store. I find that if I don't have an idea of where I want to decorate I have a hard time deciding what I need. Pictures also help determine how much space you have to work with. It's also a good idea to pull your old decor out before you go shopping. I take pictures of things I have from years past to ensure I know what I have and what I don't. Before I started taking pictures, I'd buy new items not realizing I already have the same thing from two years ago.

-Slow and steady wins the race. Do not feel like you have to decorate your entire home in one shopping trip. As soon as Fall decor starts hitting the store, I'll purchase items here and there. From a financial standpoint, I build up my decor inventory over years especially when it comes to bigger items. Also, the stores I shop at the most usually have sales come and go throughout the season so I always wait for items to go on sale or use a coupon. I honestly don't think I've ever purchased Fall decor at full price.

For our home, I lean towards a more neutral color palette with a lot of cream, grey, light blue and light green. Below is a gallery of our Fall decor including links for where things were purchased. My favorite places to purchase home decor are Kirkland's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods. If you have questions about any of the items please don't hesitate to reach out. I hope this gives you some inspiration to put a little Fall decor into your home this season.

All my love,


Fall Gallery:

Links to items:


-Boxwood and cotton garland

-Blue garland

-White pumpkin pick

-Get cozy pillow


-Pumpkin and dahlia centerpiece

-Truck pillow

-Magnolia mini wreath

Hobby Lobby

-Harvest banner

-Metal pumpkin

-Metal letter D

-Pumpkin and succulent mixture

-Green chargers

-Green Blessed plates

-Thankful and Blessed pillow (in accent chair)

-Burlap leaves (on place settings and mantle)

-Cuddle weather sign

-Gather bead garland


-Hand towels

-Green pumpkin for tiered tray

-Light-up harvest sign

-Large white gourd

-Rae Dunn give thanks pillow

*Unfortunately I can't link any HomeGoods items since they don't have an online inventory

Other Items Pictured

-Hearth and Hand house lanterns

-Accent chair

-Table runner

-Hearth and Hand candle on tiered tray

-Tiered tray

Willow Ridge Market

-Blanket ladder


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