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The amount of Amazon boxes that arrive on our porch each week is slightly embarrassing. I mean our Amazon delivery driver is basically an old friend these days. We've always been a big fan of Amazon but it has become particularly useful these past five months since we've been staying home for the most part.

After 4+ years of being a Prime member, our house is chock full of Amazon items. So today for Friday Favs I'm sharing my top ten Amazon favorites. Since Amazon has such a variety of products, this list is kind of going to be all over the place - from home goods, to electronics, to baby/pet items. It was honestly hard to narrow down this list into 10 items. I left off Amazon clothing because that could be a whole blog post in itself which I might do at some point. But I'll preface the list by saying any Amazon products I've previously mentioned on blog posts (packing essentials, our shelf brackets, pregnancy related, etc.) we love those products too. For this list, I tried to pick stuff we use almost every day/can't live without. So let's dive into the good stuff shall we?

If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, don't hesitate to reach out. I tried to link the exact product for everything. If it wasn't available, I tried to link something similar.

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All things Amazon

1. Craft table

I feel like I have to start with the piece of furniture I'm sitting at while typing this post - my craft table by South Shore. I use the desk not only for blogging but also for our small business, Willow Ridge Market. The thing I love about this desk is that it's so versatile. You could use it in an office, in a kids playroom for crafts or schoolwork, as a computer desk, the possibilities are endless.

The reason I wanted it for the WRM workroom is because of the amount of storage and the variety of storage. Another great feature is that the cabinets are interchangeable - It is up to you which cabinet goes on the right or left. It also has a drawer, a scissor/tool storage space, and open shelving.

It has great color options as well. We went with the pure white but it's also available in gray or oak. I think the price point is also reasonable. We bought it without the expert assembly option added on and it was easy to put together ourselves. Final thing I'll say about it because I could go on and on is that it comes with a 5-year warranty from date of purchase. We have had it for over two years, I use it everyday and it has held up really well.

Unfortunately I saw that my particular table isn't in stock right now. This one seems very similar and so cool that you can fold it up too! It has great reviews as well.

2. Metal chairs

We have these metal chairs in so many places in our home: at our island, at my office desk, at our outdoor bar, at our outdoor table, oh and I'm currently sitting on one. These chairs look so cute at a farmhouse style dining table as they give a good balance to the popular modern farmhouse style. There are so many different style options and color options that you can always find one to go with your space.

They're also surprisingly comfortable. The first one we got was for my office desk and I remember Duke asking me if I thought I could sit in this type of chair all day. Well fast forward two years later and I'm still sitting in it 50% of my day.

I think the price for these chairs are reasonable as you can usually find a set of 4 on Amazon for under 100 bucks. They're also very easy to put together which is an added bonus.

Another option here. Barstool option here.

3. Security cameras

We have two of these security cameras in our home and we love them. They are inexpensive and small so you're able to put them in inconspicuous places in your home. You download an app on your cellphone and you are able to view what's going on in your home. We got them because we started leaving Major out while we were gone so we wanted to be able to check on him. The cameras have night vision and two-way audio so I'm able to listen as well as talk to Major if I need to. It also has a good turn radius so it covers a lot of ground. Using the two cameras, were are able to see the majority of our downstairs at any given time.

Now I will say this isn't an intense home security system like some of them out on the market but it's perfect for our needs. Also, some home security cameras can get pretty pricey so for under 35 bucks you can't beat it.

We've had these two cameras for almost two years and have had no issues with them. They're easy to set up and connect to your smartphone which is exactly what we were looking for.

4. Dog seat cover

For those of you who don't know, we have an English Cream Golden Retriever named Major. Major has long white hair and sheds like a maniac however, but he LOVES going on car rides. He always rides in my Jeep since mine has 4 doors so my Jeep is usually covered in dog hair. One thing we wanted to try out was a dog seat cover to protect my backseat from not only hair but also his claws.

The one we ended up getting was an inexpensive option because we wanted to test it out first. Well it turns out this one was a keeper and we didn't even need to venture into a more expensive option. It's super easy to install (I did it myself and it took less than five minutes). You strap it around each headrest and you're good to go. There are adjustable straps so you can make it as tight as you need to around the headrest so it's secure. It also has holes to allow the seatbelt buckles to come through.

When Major got to the Jeep the first time I installed it, he was a little hesitant. But after the first ride, he was good to go with his new seat and it has kept his hair more contained so the Jeep is much easier to clean.

5. Weighted Blanket

This is a newer product for me but I had to include it on this list because I love it so much. I had been wanting a weighted blanket for awhile and Duke got one for me for our anniversary in June. I didn't use it much when I first got it because I was 9 months pregnant and it was kind of difficult for me to move around in bed. However, after Tatum arrived I've used it every single night and I sleep SO well. And trust me, I soak up every second of sleep with a newborn.

Now I was very hesitant to try a weighted blanked because I'm claustrophobic and I thought I'd feel trapped under it but I don't at all. I truly think I fall asleep quicker with it and sleep so much better. I use the 15lb blanket but there are different weight options depending on your size.

6. Shower Speaker

I got this speaker for Duke for his birthday so he could listen to music while showering. Let's be honest, it was kind of a gift for myself as well because I too like listening to music in the shower. Even though we've only had it for a few months, we use it pretty much everyday and have loved it. We connected to one of our Amazon dots (more on those below) so we can easily say "Alexa, play _____" and have music playing immediately. It's so convenient. If you don't have a dot you can connect the speaker to your phone via Bluetooth and play music that way. It also holds a charge really well. Since it's waterproof, it'd also be a great option for a pool or hot tub. It has great reviews and is very affordable.

7. Baby Clothes

Also a newer addition to the list is baby clothes and bows for Tatum. I've been very surprised at the amount of clothes and bows I get for her from Amazon at a very reasonable price. I ordered several pieces of clothing for Tatum before she arrived and now that she's here I've ordered even more. They wash well and for the most part run true to size. Since she's growing out of clothes so quickly I'm always looking for affordable clothes options for her. Amazon also carries popular brands like Carter's and Burt's Bees.I would say my style for her is more neutral, boho. I've linked a few of my favorites below.

-Ribbed romper and shorts

-Lace romper

-Ruffled long sleeve romper

-Ribbed long sleeve romper




8. Alexa smart home products

Alright back to some home items. We love our Amazon Alexa products. We have four dots and three shows in our home and use them every single day. Almost every light in our house is a smart light so we are able to control it by talking to Alexa or by using our Alexa app. I also use Alexa to create grocery lists and to-do lists. She's also very helpful in the kitchen as I always use her to set timers.

Amazon is constantly updating Alexa to include new and improved skills. Recently we've added the capability of her controlling our lock (more on that below). We also use her to play music and with the skill of multi-play, she can play on every speaker so there's music throughout the house rather than in one room which is perfect if we're entertaining. She can also show us Tatum's nursery with her Nanit monitor.

Alexa really gives you the capability of turning your home into a smart home with all of her skills.

9. Stainless steel cooler

We have this cooler at our outside bar and we use it any time we have people over. It is a great option for any outdoor space. There is tons of room in the cooler, it has a bottle opener and catch attached and a shelf below to store additional items. It's also on wheels so it's really easy to wheel around when needed. Amazon also has this white option.

It is one of the pricier items on our favorites list but for the amount of times we've already used it, it's definitely worth the price.

10. Schlage deadbolt

Rounding out our top ten Amazon favorites is our front door lock - the Schlage Connect. We've had this lock for almost two years now and we love it. It has made it super easy to get in and our of our home as well as allow other people (my parents, people watching Major) to get in and out without having to hide a key somewhere.

You can easily lock and unlock your door using a code (that you always have to option to change when needed). We can control the lock from our smartphone and using Alexa. You can also set the lock to automatically lock after 30 seconds which I think is a great safety feature.

Again, this is a pricier favorite however it's reasonably priced compared to other smart locks on the market. We will definitely make sure we have a smart lock on our next home as well as we have loved the Schlage Connect.

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