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Friday favs: my packing essentials

Packing for a trip can sometimes be like a tough math equation... you want to make sure you have everything all while keeping your suitcase under 50 pounds. Luckily for me, I used to travel all the time for my old job so I consider myself somewhat of an experienced packer. That being said, this edition of Friday Favs is going to be a little different. We're leaving for a family trip so I wanted to share my essential items that I ALWAYS have to pack for any trip. These are items that regardless of whether or not we're flying, driving, staying for a weekend, staying for a week, I have to have these things with me. And an added bonus is that most of my must-haves are affordable and available on Prime. I hope you find something that is useful for your next getaway!

All my love,


My packing essentials:

1. Hauptstadtkoffer Suitcases (and yes I triple checked the spelling lol)

This one seems the most obvious but having good luggage is essential. For a long time I really wanted Delsey luggage. I still think Delsey luggage is really cute, however every time we fly, there are about five Delsey suitcases on the belt at baggage claim. We decided to get a 3-piece set of luggage from Amazon and I'm so glad we did. We've traveled with this luggage on every trip since we've gotten it and it's held up so well. Plus it's a beautiful teal color and always easy to spot when we're looking for our bags on the belt. It's lightweight and also has 360 degree wheels (a must-have in my opinion). I use the largest one for my clothes (obvi), Duke uses the middle one for his clothes, and he uses the smallest one as his carry on (more on my carry on in a bit). That combination works out really well for us. Unfortunately, our particular color is currently unavailable but Hauptstadtkoffer has so many different options on Amazon to choose from. Here is a set that's very similar to ours!

2. Toiletry Travel Case

Having a good toiletry case is so important in packing. It helps me ensure I have all of my toiletries packed and it also keeps them organized throughout the trip. I wanted one that held all of my things but wasn't too bulky for my suitcase. This one on Amazon is the one I use and it's the perfect size for me. It has several different zipper compartments to hold my shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc. It also has a hook so I'm able to hang it up in the hotel bathroom. I got the beige color but it comes in a ton of different colors and patterns and is very affordable.

3. Makeup Case

I pack so much makeup when I go on trips and usually only end up using a quarter of it. I just want to make sure I'm prepared for anything. Because I pack so much makeup, I like to keep it all organized. This makeup case is perfect because it comes with dividers that you can arrange in different ways to fit your needs. It has a brush holder area as well as a zipper compartment where I store my makeup remover wipes. It also doesn't take up too much room in my suitcase which leaves me more room for clothes and shows (#winning). This too comes in several different color options and is an inexpensive option compared to the makeup cases you see in stores.

4. Travel Pillow

Ok, ok. This one is a newer one for me. I used to always laugh at people walking around the airport for their travel pillow around their neck. I don't walk around with this on my neck but I do pack it in my carry on for trips and I love it! The reason I love this pillow over the standard travel pillow is because you can mold it into any shape you want. On a plane or in a car, I always wrap it around my neck and fold up the end to rest on the window. It gives your neck support and provides you cushion for the window. Super comfy and easy to fold up and pack away when you arrive to your destination! It's under 20 bucks and comes in a variety of colors.

5. Beis Backpack

This is the first essential that isn't from Amazon, but I use this as my carry on so I had to include it. Beis is a newer company created by actress, Shay Mitchell. Beis has a lot of great travel products and suitcases. I got this backpack from Beis as soon as it came out. I've traveled with it but I've also used it for other things like work and the gym. It could also easily be used for a weekend trip bag because it has SO much room. The reason I love it as a carry on is because it has several different zipper compartments to keep everything organized (chargers, boarding pass, headphones, etc.). It also has pockets on each side to hold water bottles and cushioned straps for extra comfort. It's held up so well and is easy to clean. Most of their products come in beige and black so not too many color options but those two colors go with everything. I went with the beige option and I love it so much. Oh and it also has a trolley sleeve so sometimes I stick it on Duke's carry on and make him tote it around for me lol (as pictured below).

6. Tripod

Bringing a tripod on trips with me is so important because it makes it so much easier for me to carry my phone around for pictures and videos. I got this tripod not too long ago and it's already become a packing essential for me. It's so easy to quickly secure your phone onto it and go. I like that it's so compact because it doesn't take up a lot of room when packing and it's easy to carry around while I'm vlogging. Also, I tend to have some what of a shaky hand when it comes to taking scenic pictures so it's really convenient to pop out the tripod legs and take a stabilized picture (yes, I'm that person). A bonus is that it's also able to hold our large Canon camera as well. If you're a vlogger or like to take pictures, I really recommend this tripod.

7. Camera

Speaking of cameras, for everyday life I use my iPhone for pictures, however, on trips I use a Canon Rebel T6. While it's an investment, it's actually a more affordable option compared to other Canon cameras. I think it's a great camera for someone just starting out because it's easy to use and takes amazing photos. We've used this on trips, for family photos, taking random pictures of Major, etc. and have never had any problems with it. It's also super easy to transfer pictures from the camera to my cell phone or laptop which was important to me when buying a camera. If you're going somewhere scenic and will be taking a lot of pictures, I highly suggest looking into a Canon.

8. Hats

If I was going to list an accessory on my essentials list, it had to be HATS. I don't usually travel with a lot of jewelry or other accessories but I always have to travel with at least 2-3 baseball hats. I wear them for every occasion: early flights, beach days, exploring new areas, you get the idea. It's so easy to throw your hair into a ponytail or braids, pop on a hat and look put together. Plus if you're traveling to anywhere that's going to be hot, it's a great way to shade your face and keep you a little cooler. In my opinion, it's best to purchase 1-2 neutral hats so you're able to wear them with multiple outfits throughout your trip. My go-to hats are my camo Braves hat below and this white Adidas hat. I will DEFINITELY be wearing a hat for our 7am flight :)

9. Portable Charger

My parents get credit for this one! They bought Duke and I portable chargers a couple Christmas' ago and we use them SO much when we're traveling. We used them a lot during our trip to Disney as well as when we were at the beach. These portable chargers, hold their battery for so long and I swear it charges my phone in half the time my regular charger takes. If you're going on a trip that's going to include long days away from the hotel or airbnb, I highly suggest purchasing a portable charger to take with you. They've been a lifesaver for us - thanks Mom and Dad!

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