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Halloween party recipes

This past week I hosted our monthly family dinner. I absolutely love hosting parties and get togethers especially this time of year when you can make food and drinks themed towards Halloween/fall. For me I want to be able to spend time with my family while they're here as opposed to cooking some complicated entrée. So I made a super simple main course while having fun with the appetizers, dessert & alcoholic beverage. I was able to make the drink, appetizers and desserts all before anyone arrived which meant I only had to throw the pasta bake in the oven and was able to catch up with family. Today I'll be sharing the overall menu as well as recipes for one of the appetizers and the cocktail. Keep reading below. Hope you enjoy!



Family Dinner Menu:


-Fall Punch (recipe below)



-Cabernet Sauvignon

-Bourbon & vodka with various mixers


-Deviled eggs (after I made the eggs, I covered the filling with more paprika than usual and stuck a chive in the top to make them look like pumpkins)

-Hocus Pocus charcuterie board (recipe below)

Main Course:

-Caesar salad

-Garlic bread

-Feta pasta bake


-Dirt with tombstones

-Pumpkin pie bites

Fall Punch Recipe



-1 gallon apple cider

-24 oz ginger beer

-1 bottle prosecco

-1 cup vodka

-Slice apples, cinnamon sticks, garnishes of your choice


  1. Add ice then all ingredients to a beverage dispenser or punch bowl

  2. Stir

  3. Top with garnishes

  4. Serve in wine glasses or rocks glasses

Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board


For Winifred:

-1 wheel of brie

-large pepperoni for hair

-green grapes

-black licorice

-strawberry fruit snack

For Mary:

-1 wheel of brie

-blackberries for hair

-dried apricots

-black licorice


For Sarah:

-1 wheel of brie

-cut up string cheese for hair


-black licorice


Other items for your board:


-sliced cheese



-salami or other cured meats


  1. Assemble three witches in the middle of your board

  2. For Winifred's hair, I rolled the pepperoni then folded it in half and used half a toothpick to hold it together

  3. Use black licorice for their eyes and twizzlers/fruit snack for their lips

  4. Once they're assembled, filled in the rest of your board with other items

**Tip: I used a small bowl to split Winifred's hair. Not only did this help give it some definition, but the bowl helps to support the pepperoni

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