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How-to: install the easiest accent wall

I don't know about y'all, but accent walls are my jam. I think they make a room so much more interesting and really serve as the focal point of a space. I work from home and so I really wanted an accent wall for my office. In this post we'll show you how to install the easiest accent wall using wall panels from Lowe's.

Below are all the materials, tools and steps to create your own accent wall:


-Wall panels

-Brad nails

-Cedar boards



-Brad nailer


-Table saw


1. For this project, we got the wall panels from Lowe's. We got three wall panels in total. We also got three 4 inch x 8foot cedar boards. We decided to get these because we wanted to add a piece on each end of the wall as well as cover up the seams in between each panel. You definitely don't have to do this, but to me, it provided a cleaner finished look.

2. Once we got the materials home, we ripped one of the 4 inch cedar boards in half so we ended up with two 2 inch x 8 foot boards and two 4 inch x 8 foot boards. We did this because we wanted the pieces on the edge of the wall to be a little skinnier.

3. After all of our materials were ready to go, it was time to install the panels. Duke held each panel up one by one and I would brad nail it into the wall. Again, when it came to spacing we weren't too worried about being perfect because the cedar boards would cover any gaps. Also because the panels already had a rustic look you couldn't even see brad nail holes.

4. Once we had all three panels up, it was time to screw the cedar boards into place. Duke did five rows of screws down the length of the board and did two screws on each row. Screwing the boards provided even more security to the wall.

Can you believe that that's it?! Super easy and an affordable alternative to doing an accent wall with individual boards. I swear everyone that comes to our home is shocked when they get up to the wall and find out it's not real wood planks. The realistic look of the panels is unbelievable. I put a close up picture below.

We hope you enjoyed this how-to blog post on an easy accent wall for your home. If you have any questions about the materials or the steps feel free to email us at

All our love,

The Dukes

P.S. my desk is now right in front of the wall and I always get compliments when I'm on video calls for work.

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